AppSurfer shuts down. A look back!

Back in 2011, when I left the job to start a company, I was so pumped up that I wrote a blog titled On your own, with your sword, into the wild.

The first year of it was full on big ups and big downs like – stopping consulting work to focus on product but side effect was huge shortage of cash, then those days/months without no salaries, first recognition at startup event, first coverage by startup blogs,  first appearance on TV shows and finally first funding. At the end of that year, I wrote a blog post titled RainingClouds… A year down the lane…

The second year was even more interesting given that we had money to spend on things that matter and execute fast. Within 2 months of getting money into the account (well, it took us 6 months to get money in the bank account from the date it was promised, this was a really bad part) we launched the first version of the product and got it covered in TechCrunch, got first paying customer too. We iterated through second use case as well. At the end of year two, I wrote a blog post titled Two years at RainingClouds.

By the end of the third year, we had burnt through all the cash that we had, we were done with three product iterations and at a real low. We decided to start consulting again and keep the company alive. Six months down this path, when things were little stable with few consulting clients and some cash in the bank, I decided to quit. There were a couple of reasons for this – I was burnt out after almost 4 years of work in startups and I wanted to travel a little, while having less burden of work. So, the next thing for me was work with BigBinary. With BigBinary, I worked as a remote consultant and travelled for one year, lived in close to 20 cities spending at least one week each, across three countries. There was no blog post at the end of year three from me.

At the end of four years, my other co-founders in AppSurfer had given it one more attempt by launching instant apps. At this Google IO in May 2016, Google launched instant apps with a better approach at platform level. And after this, team AppSurfer decided to call it day, to quote –

A startup lifecycle is full of ups and downs. This is exactly what AppSurfer went through and this has been a great journey. Appsurfer got introduced into the market 4 years ago.We built a great team, moved fast and became first movers in the space. The journey saw AppSurfer move through various pivots and had its business model changed various times, raised funds, had great investors backing it and created a patented IP.

We tried real hard in last four years, spent everything we had on the product and company. We had a great time, learned a lot, knew our way forward and kept going. Two of our products eventually got built by Google itself, and now people world-over will be using them.

Today we are shutting it down, with a sense of pride in the effort and sadness at the result.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

Here is a blog post on the official blog of AppSurfer, it lists all the approaches that we tried and iterations we went through – AppSurfer bids adieu.

The past four years were full of learnings, ups-downs, adrenaline rush moments. Here is to next four!!