Two years at RainingClouds…

Last year, on 1st of May, I wrote a blog post covering first year journey at RainingClouds. Today, we completes two years, and here is a post in celebration 🙂

Past year was full of happenings and exciting events, here are few –

On March 23rd last year, we got seed funded at Super Angels show. Completing paperwork and getting money in bank took us till July. As we had stopped doing services and consulting, in favor of full focus on AppSurfer – we had our share of ‘borrow and beg’ period in this time. Sudam – a roomie and childhood friend, helped in that period – and so we call him our ‘first investor’ 🙂

Help came from many other friends as well as family. Also from Alok, our advisor. Thanks to all for keeping show running in that time 🙂

In September of 2012, we launched our first stable version on web front. We got covered in few blogs for this interesting idea. But the real highlight came with coverage on TechCruch. It was fine evening one day, and suddenly flood of tweets started coming mentioning AppSurfer, that was first big coverage for us.  This was followed by good words from biggies like TheNextWeb and VetureBeat also prominent Indian blogs like NextBigWhat and YourStory. After TechCruch, many Russian and Europian blogs covered and we saw huge traffic spike.

This was the time, when traffic was spiking a lot and we started having issues scaling few components in our stack. One of android stack component – adb – started failing at that scale. It was four days of day-night work and we built our custom tools replacing that -> proud geeky stories to tell 😛

Few months after that were intensive work periods when we shipped features like – facebook widget, mobile widget, mobile site, app lists, and added sensor support for – accelerometer, tablet mode support.

In March, we launched our Android app. Being in a startup gives lots of ups and downs days, that app launch day was one of big ups day for us.  It was launched at Democonf India, later covered on TechCruch that same day.  This time though, all systems were ready to scale without a hiccup.  That was followed by few more good words by various blogs.

To conclude, this year started with beg – borrow days and a small beta product, worked out as a year when we delivered many feature updates and infrastructure updates to scale it, got good share of praise and is ending with a product having good traction behind, with few paying customers 🙂

Few moments in pictures –

mobi_spark<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">At mobispark 2012</figcaption></figure>

aniket<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Aniket presenting at Rodinhoods</figcaption>
pune_connect<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">At PuneConnect 2012 – as alumnus of PuneConnect</figcaption>
our_tux<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">New joiner to team – Tux</figcaption>

Aniket’s inverview by SecondScreen Insider

Amit and Mayuresh presenting at Demo India
Team celebrating a birthday!

Hoping to write a third blog post next year with more existing and happening events 🙂