RainingClouds… a year down the lane…

Today is first anniversary of RainingClouds. We booked rainingclouds.com on 1st May 2011, and so consider the day as starting day of company. In those days, I used to have many discussions around entrepreneurship with my roomies(also old school friends), and idea of RainingClouds came from one of such discussion. To be precise, we had very intense discussion a day before i.e. on 30th April, while we were eating/drinking faluda at night, which more of triggered things. My roomies and childhood friends Aniket, Amit and I made up a team 🙂

Many people ask about story behind the name – RainingClouds. So here it goes – again all roomies drinking sugarcane juce at stall, and we were thinking of good name for company. Only focus was not to have any “unimaginable” or “unpronounceable” or “dead feel” name. Actually, it was bit rainy that day with cloudy sky. Probably first rains of summer. And that made Aniket think “RainingClouds”. As we said it more and more times, we liked it. To top it all, we got rainingclouds.com domain as well and so finalized the name.

After this, Aniket was only guy working full time on startup doing Android services. I joined him from August and started doing rails consultancy. In early August, I introduced Aniket and Amit to Akshay, one of my friend from engineering days. Later he also became part of team. It was in this meeting with him, that we first time thought of DroidCloud(now AppSurfer) idea. With whatever we had in mind, Akshay created prototype and we started preparing for PuneConnect event. we registered company as LLP with name RainingClouds Engineering.

On 5th November, we attended PuneConnect. It was first conference we attended with our product. To start with, there were 30-35 nomination from Pune product companies for PuneConnect event. Out of those entries, they selected top 12 product companies, and gave them a chance to present at event. Also, out of those 12 selected companies, ET NOW chose 4 companies for there show – “Starting up Showdown”. We demoed our prototypes in those events. DroidCloud also got selected in these 4 startups. Below is video of show –

After PuneConnect, we also got selected to present at UnPluggd 2011, held in Pune on 19th November. UnPluggd selected India’s top 10 product technology startups and gave them a chance to present in front of tech enthusiast and investers. More news here about UnPluggd.

After UnPluggd, came a long silent period of work, with many exciting problems getting solved on DroidCloud front. From January, we all stopped work on services and consultation and started investing our full time on DroidCloud.

In February, we met Mr. Alok Kejriwal for first time. The meeting was very exciting and he soon joined us as adviser. Considering future scope and naming issues with word “droid”, we rebranded ourselves from DroidCloud to AppSurfer.

Then came a very big day on March 24th. It was finale of ET NOW’s Super Angles at BSE, Mumbai. After ET NOW’s startup showdown at PuneConnect, we were selected in “Super Angles”, a reality show for statups to raise funding. I couldn’t attend finale, being at RubyConf India here in Pune. Out of 5 companies present at finale, 3 successfully wooed investors and AppSurfer got funding commitment from One97 mobility. Official AppSurfer announcement is here.

Today, on 30th April, just back eating same faluda again at same place, writing this post :-).. Last year was exciting and eventful journey and now with product tech base ready, funding money around the corner, more exciting days and work starts….

Team, posing in discussion mood :P