I, Ratnadeep(rtdp), an electrical engineer, a self-taught programmer and enthusiastic towards computers, programming and any interesting problems. I write here about my tech adventures, travel stories, life stories and post photos.

I just completed a year of my digital nomadic journey. Currently, I am in Pune, back from San Francisco and my USA trip on 15th January 2016. Before coming to San Francisco, I have been to nine cities in the USA in nine weeks – one week, one city.  The trip started with New York and then I went to Madison(Wisconsin), Chicago, Detroit, Boston (I loved it), Washington DC (all time spent was in museums), Miami, Austin, San Antonio. Also got to attend RubyConf Colombia and spend 10 days in Medellin and Bogota – a memorable trip.

Before starting my US trip, I was traveling in India for around 7 months. First I went to the south – Bangalore being the first city. I spent close to three months in Bangalore, meeting people, travelling around the city and in Tamilnadu, Kerala for few treks. It was Goa after the Bangalore. Then came Jaipur, Delhi and Dharamshala. Dharamshala was longer stay – around 2 months. Then spent 3 weeks in Leh, Ladakh travelling on a bike to various parts. It was most beautiful road trips ever taken.

Before starting this nomadic journey, I was running a startup called RainingClouds Technologies – with our product being AppSurfer. We ran the company for three years, raised funding, had a team size of about 10 people. The product was pretty popular and had much of coverage in TechCruch, The Next Web, Venture Beat, and TechCruch again. At the end of three years, we failed to bring the company to profitability and had to close down the efforts. This was most intense learning period of life.

Before starting RainingClouds on 1st May 2011, I was working at the startup based in Pune called Webonise Lab. I worked for Webonise Lab for 1.5 years after completing my Electrical Engineering degree from Pune University.

– Ratnadeep Deshmane