On your own.. With your sword.. Into the wild…

Wanted to write this blog post since so long, finally here it is. A blog post about so much a change moving ahead in career. i.e. about leaving one startup and being into another one, i.e. leaving weboniselab and being into rainingclouds.

I really liked a post by Matt Aimonetti about motivations and purpose of work. He referred to one of the RSA animation video which awesomely explains things  –

Link to YouTube video

So, when you think of work performance and work satisfaction, it all boils down to following things –

WeboniseLab was a very good place I worked at. When we started last year, it was full of learning, enthusiasm, and always surrounded by very smart people. But a year down the lane, I lost the motivations, may be with lack of purpose.

So what next – 

When decided to leave webonise, I thought on many of the options, discussed a lot with my close friends. After all the discussions we decided to give ourselves a chance and do a startup to work on our own ideas – discussions ended with start of RainingClouds Engineering. Me and two very close friends of mine Aniket Awati and Amit Yadav will be team.

At RainingClouds we will be working on technologies we like, doing services to sustain, and building products for fun. 😛

Somewhere I read once, not having boss is actually a biggest challenge as there won’t be any todo lists from him anymore to finish and go, but those to be created on one’s own and take things to perfection with self-motivations. Things surrounding look more like – all the variables without single formula for success – as like saying – on your own, into the wild, with your swords.

Ratnadeep(rtdp) Deshmane,

Geeky Co-Founder, RainingClouds Engineering. 😉