Ruby Conf India – Day 1 summary.

Sharing here some of the updates form Ruby Conf India, Bengaluru 2011 for the day one. I have written here only about the sessions which I managed to attend, as session were going in two tracks I missed some of them.

Starting key note – Yehuda Ketz

When building API heavy applications with rails, many people think that why to use rails, if we are just rendering json objects. They tend to think something like sinatra would do the job. But Yehuda had a point that Rails is not just about views and controllers and it has lot to do with abstraction over other things like – http requests, common security threads. He even made a point that for a developer to work on a rails application, he didn’t even required to know the http protocol details. Then he mentioned about upcoming gem, – bulk_api, a must look out for developers building api’s with rails.

Ruby Plus Rails Plus Your Application Minus Rails – Brian Guthrie

This was one of the most humorous talk of all. He briefly covered good practices in ruby/rails on the lines of – create classes, build api’s and test objects. All of this was explained with examples of Dosa stands getting comments and they being searched. He ended the session by talking about  his own secret of – how to learn ruby – 1. Read Ruby Code 2. Code Ruby 3. Code Outside Rails and understand where ruby ends and rails starts.

Deciphering The Ruby Object Model – Karthik Siransanagandla

This was very good enlightenment over objects and classes in ruby. Karthik started by taking everyone on ride by telling things like – classes are subclasses of Class class of class 😛

He then went on to shown hierarchical structure of ruby Objects, Module and Class and then subclasses. This talk was intervened by some very interesting question-answer sessions over the issue – Though Class is object in ruby, that doesn’t mean we can inherit from objects in ruby (especially for java developers, old concepts over oop holds true here).

Make your own Rails Framework – Pankaj Bhageria

Speaker Pankaj started encouraging and urging Indian rails community to participate more in Open Source contributions. He then live coded a basic frameworks with rack which can talk with web server and responds to requests.

Service (Keynote over video conference) – Chad Fowler

This talk ended the day on very high node. Chad’s 45 minutes of highly inspirational talk covered various values regarding service industry. The way he embedded the examples while explaining those values was absolutely amazing, i can’t recreate that all here.

Day one ended with much learning.. waiting for day two with lot of excitements….